Other books by Jake George, A New Dawn, Good Night My Sweet Baboo, and Graves' Disease In Our Own Words.

A New Dawn is the second book in the Grandfather's Song trilogy.

It can be read with out having read Grandfather's Song first. Reviews for "A New Dawn" released in October 2006.

Christine K. Cornett-McVay
5.0 out of 5 stars Great sequel!

"A New Dawn" is a smooth transition from the novel "Grandfather's Song" by Jake George. We plunge into the "Old World" where the Lenape and other tribes have chosen to travel to in order to help return the balance between man and nature that has fallen apart in the "Above World". The tribes must struggle to adapt, for many have forgotten the old ways or long for the life they left behind.
There's an environmental and "life lessons" theme pulsing through the novel, but it is far from being preachy. The interaction between the characters is fast-paced and extremely engaging. Those who have returned to the Old World do not have a completely peaceful existence. In fact, there are brutal murders and deep seeded problems that must be solved, many of them involving great sacrifice by some members of the tribe.
I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel! The setting, characters and blend of Native American traditions simply flows along in a swift current of vigorous language. Jake George has a vision and an obvious love for the Lenape People that shines through in his writing. His tense action scenes and tight dialogue has an edgy quality that reminds me of some of my favorite westerns. The graphic torture scenes, erotica, and some harsh language, etc. cautions "mature audiences only". Adult readers new to Jake George novels will find their appetites craving more...

Chrissy K. McVay (Award Winning Writer of Native Fiction)

Julie R. Jones

5.0 out of 5 stars
"A New Dawn" Should be a movie!
Jake George has a way of including some surprising twists and turns in "Grandfather's Song." It is not only filled with fascinating Native lore but has complex human nature. I highly recommend it. The characters are well developed. Jake George writes so that you can see the novel unfolding before your eyes.
I also know that there is a follow on book coming and I was fortunate to read it in its draft form. Keep your eyes peeled for "A New Dawn." I was as glued to it as I was to "The DaVinci Code." It was an exciting, fast paced, dynamite novel. Read Grandfather's Song and get prepared for "A New Dawn." What a story!

Julie R. Jones,
World renowned digital artist. Cover designer for "Grandfather's Song",

Sage Sweetwater
5.0 out of 5 stars
JAKE GEORGE has written a phenomenal account of a Native American adventure. 'A NEW DAWN' is rich in spiritual energy
A New Dawn' - Jake George defines what Native American culture is. It is not the same today as it was a thousand years ago - even a hundred years ago - where in Native American life, justice is served for an evil. The saga continues from Jake George's book, 'Grandfather's Song'.
Using authentic Native words, 'A New Dawn', Jake George forges a successful alliance between the Above World and the Old World. Jake gives his Native voice to his People. Character development is very strong. The relationship between Running Woman and Crying Woman holds a very special place in my own heart. Custom is true to the instructions given; how to survive in harsh climates, a sense of community, herbal medicine and doctoring and authentic Native tools of survival. Jake incorporates a spellbinding transformation, a guise of human to animal and back to human shapeshifting through the characters Elder Fawn and Elk Caller.
Jake George has written a phenomenal account of a Native American adventure. 'A New Dawn' is rich in spiritual energy which reflects old-world Native values and survival ties with the land to restore peace to a troubled world. 'A New Dawn' makes its way into modern-day Indian communities to emerge a new generation to sustain cultural identity and respect for being Native American.
The name on this book, 'A New Dawn' in the absolute highest spiritual sense, is an educational gift on behalf of all Native American tribes.

~Sage Sweetwater, firebrand lesbian novelist, author of Blue Corn Woman, edited by Jake George

5.0 out of 5 stars A book to read at least twice
A great read, full of conflict and adventure. Bravery and sacrifice matched the great characters that filled this novel, and I found the time flew as I followed them through their struggles. I re-read it a month later, and enjoyed it even more as I picked up on bits and pieces I missed the first time through, all of which illuminated the story just a bit more.

J. Russell
5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely fantastic sequel!

Jake George's previous book Grandfather's Song is a marvelous work. He continues the Lenape Indian saga in this fantastic and soulful sequel out of which beautiful and richly crafted characters leap into our hearts and imagination. As he guides us like an accomplished tracker and warrior through the wilderness and seasons of the new world, we come to find ourselves enveloped by a warm yet admonishing Native American spirituality...one in which we learn to commune with nature, awaken to our responsibility and love for each other, and which ultimately causes us to reflect on our own inner being. I truly loved this book. As long as Jake George keeps writing, I will keep reading!

"A New Dawn"

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